Johannes Brendel

Audio Visual Engineering

Interactive Real Time Visualization and 

Stage Design for 

musical live performances

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Audio visual


Interactive real time visualization 

and stage design for 

musical live performances

Real time Visualization

Creative concepts and ideas for unique interactive visuals based on the artist's individual musical performance and physical motion on stage.

A snippet of the video for the song "Celcius" by Benny Greb's Moving Parts (see the full video here)

Utilizing a wide variety of inputs like cameras, microphones, various physical sensors, etc. I am able to capture what is happening on stage.


Careful processing and analysis of these signals allow me to translate the artist's performance into a unique and interactive visualization using outputs like projectors, lighting fixtures etc.

 And because all of this is happening in real time, everything is following the artist performing his/her song. Not the other way around!


No Fixed Time codes

Common practice when working with video on stage usually is playing to a click track or some kind of time code. By getting rid of these restrictions the artist can focus on what matters most: the performance of the song.


Cameras, microphones, sensors ...

Projection, LED-walls, lighting fixtures, lasers ...

you name it 



the artist is in charge

By using sound, movement, etc. as the Visual's foundation, it can mirror what the artist really is doing at any given point during the show. No repetitive and pre-rendered videos.

Customized Designs

Every visualization can be tailored in close collaboration with the artist or the team per song or its individual parts. 


About ME

I am an electrical engineer living in Nürnberg, Germany. Having fun in the field of human-machine-interaction, computer graphics and signal processing since 2007. Doing studio work and actively making music since 20+ years.

Johannes Brendel

Johannes Brendel